Mango Pulp: Keeping the Mango Magic Alive 365 Days a Year!

Did you know? India is the leading exporter of mangoes, both whole fruit and frozen mango pulp.

Mango! The name alone spells magic and gets most of us drooling. Mango mania takes over in summer when the king of fruits is in the season. 

However, until a few years back, one could only dream of mango in the off-season. And, we had to wait for the next year to relish it again. 

Things changed, cutting edge technology happened.  As a result, delicious frozen mango pulp is now available throughout the year. So, now we can enjoy it whenever we want.

Furthermore, not only do we love mangoes, but India is also the number one mango producing country in the world! 

Producing around 18.7 million tonnes of mangoes in a year, India accounts for nearly 50% of the total mango production in the world. –

The JFFFL Mango Journey

Jain Farm Fresh Foods Limited (JFFFL), a subsidiary of JISL, is the largest mango processor in the world. It does a business of around 1600 crores INR through its B2B and B2C operations.

At Jain Farm Fresh Foods Limited, we believe that to get a quality product, it is vital that the raw input should be of the best quality as well.

Keeping this ethos in mind, we work tirelessly with over 10,000 contract farmers to increase not only the mango yield but also the quality of the fruit.

Through our Project UNNATI, a collaboration with Hindustan Coca Cola Beverages Ltd., we have introduced our farmers to new age techniques like Ultra High-Density Plantation (UHDP). A sustainable agriculture initiative, UNNATI aims to increase per acre yield of mangoes on a long term and sustainable basis. 

We provide farmers with disease-free planting material to ensure they grow a good quality crop. Furthermore, our expert agronomists train them in good agricultural practices (Jain GAP) to produce premium quality mangoes that have zero pesticide residue in them. 

We process these mangoes to make 100% natural frozen mango pulp.

Project UNNATI is also fulfilling our dream of empowering our farmers and alleviating their economic condition.

Mango Pulp Processing

JFFFL processes 1,75,000 tonnes of mangoes per year.

We are among the leading mango pulp manufacturers of the country. We source only the best quality fully mature Alphonso and Kesar mangoes from the farmers to make the mango pulp.

The ripened mangoes are harvested and brought to our state-of-the-art processing plant. Here, they first undergo the selection process by stringent quality testing

The selected mangoes are washed to remove any dirt and bacteria before using for pulp extraction.

Mango pulp processing involves blanching, deseeding, rotating the mangoes at high speed to separate the flesh. The next steps are homogenising, thermal processing and sterilising to kill any germs or bacteria. Finally, the mango pulp is aseptically packaged to keep out all microorganisms. 

The JFFL Mango Pulp

The pulp is free from all the impurities like shreds of the mango skin, pieces of the seeds, pesticide residues or any foreign particles. 

We take the utmost care to retain the natural flavour, aroma, and the inherent nutritional value of mango in the final product.

Being quality-driven mango pulp manufacturers, our raw material and final products go through stringent quality checks before being approved. 

We ensure that throughout the mango pulp processing cycle, the characteristic colour, taste and flavour of each variety of mango remains present in the pulp.

JFFFL mango pulp is 100% natural and contains no preservatives and added colours or flavours. Leading companies use it as an intermediary product.

We retail our frozen Alphonso and Kesar mango pulp under the brand AamRus. Both the pulps are thick, creamy, smooth and non-fibrous, adding the distinct characteristic of the specific mango variety to the dish.

One can make delicious salads, sorbet, squashes, jams, concentrates, ice cream, lassi, curries, shakes and smoothies with the pulp. Also, desserts like halwa mango soufflé, mango mousse etc.

All products made using our frozen mango pulp are distinct in taste, texture and flavour.

As mango pulp manufacturers, we bring the best quality and 100% natural mango pulp to our consumers. We endeavour that they can enjoy the goodness of the sunshine fruit any time of the day or year.


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